Staying healthy both in mind and body is crucial this period so let’s skip the snacks and skip towards that burn with jump ropes, sit ups, burpies, yoga or whatever regime that tickles your um, core.

We’ve rounded up a few fitness gurus who are on board in keeping the nation fit with workout vids absolutely free! Got kids? Get them involved … as weights. Just kidding! We’ve even got simple exercises that your kids can join in too.

Show some love for all the fitness gurus if they’ve help you by posting your workout sesh on our Facebook / Instagram pages @touchngoewallet and tag us alongside the hashtag #corebakar. Got a regime that other Malaysians should know about? Share them too – same place, same hashtag. Let’s get off our bum bums and get that burn going.

Abs While in Bed

Too lazy to get out of bed in the morning? Don't. Work those abs instead!

How to Tone Your Arms & Shoulder

Time to load up the guns and show them biceps off.

Intense burn - Abs and Cardio

Post-raya love handles? Nothing a bit of sweating can't solve!

Ride From Home

Got a bike? Don't leave it to dust, watch this and start your bike workout now!

Power Flo

Channel your inner yoga master to help you keep in shape this Ramadhan.

Lower Body (Body Weight)

Yourself is all you need to get that lower body all toned up!

Easy Leg Workout at Home

Been wanting to tone up your legs at home? Let this abang sado show you how.

Easy Guide to Chair Workout

Who said you can't workout while at work or at home? All you need is a chair. We'll let our abang sado show you how.

At Home Shoulder Workout

Toned, sexy, to-die for shouders, here we come!

How to Run and Stay Fit in a Small Home

Hey you runners, missing the wind on your face and the burns up your legs? What if we tell you that you cans STILL do…

5 Minutes Plank Challenge!

It's puasa, you don't wanna move a lot. But you don't have to move around a lot to tone your abs!

Back Muscle Workout - Bringing Sexy Back

Don't know how to get that sexy back? Let Mr. Global Malaysia 2019 show you how!

Arm Workout With Easy Resistance Band

Who knew there were so many ways to tone our arms with a resistance band! Leggo sweat some!

Ready, Set, Bend!

All the yoga moves for you need to learn to be more flexible and touch your toes again post-quarantine eating!

Plank it Till You Make it!

Challenge yourself to this planks and arm workout for a stronger core and toned arms. It's equipment-free and living room-friendly so no more excuses!

The Ultimate Rice Bag Workout

MCO got you missing your gym weights? Jangan susah hati, just use your beras kampit instead!


Some influencers make it look so easy while we struggle to keep up. But it’s A-okay. “Aim for progress, not perfection” as Jessica reassures. Phew.


Here’s one that brings the gym to you. Shift your body into high gear through an intense muscle endurance and strength workout. Work it, people.

Back to Basics

No equipment, no problem. Use your chair, or the floor, and even bottled water to get that full body workout. No excuses now.

I like to move it, move it

Here’s one that’s a little hardcore … geddit? Hard … core? Nevermind. Maybe after this session you might.  

I would walk 10,000 steps

Can’t go out to get your daily dose of brisk walking? Follow these steps (no pun intended) and we’re sure you can easily clock 10k.…

Skippedy Hop to a Toned Body!

How about something easy. Put on some music, gather the family, and skip!

Big thank you to our Malaysian fitness gurus for bringing us these easy regimes we can do at home. Feel free to follow:

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