This period can be taxing on some of us – financially. Thankfully, the government has announced some measures for financial institutions to aid Malaysians through these trying times. And we understand that scouring the news sites and piecing all the information together to find out what’s best for you can be tedious, and confusing.

So, we’ve gathered digestible articles from our friends at Ringgit Plus and iMoney, who has consolidated the news and solutions for a comprehensive overview on how the schemes can help you manage your budget better.

Interest May Now Be Charged On Deferred Instalments Of Hire…

What's the latest update on the moratorium on bank loans? Read on to find out!

What Can You Expect After the Loan Moratorium is Over?

This is a financially tricky situation for a lot of us. Better start planning your finances right, especially for when the loan moratorium ends!

What You Need to Know About the Covid-19 Pandemic in…

Learn about the virus, and/or various financial aids available to you from this article.

Financial Assistance offered by Malaysian Banks and Local Institutions during…

Learn more about Bank Negara Malaysia’s announcement on automatic moratorium for individuals and SME loans. Do you qualify?