Get 10% extra when your friends pay you via Touch ‘n Go eWallet

Source: Soya Cincau

To encourage more people to go cashless, Touch ‘n Go has introduced a new campaign where you can get 10% bonus when you receive funds via the eWallet. This is running throughout the month of September 2019.

To enjoy this 10% bonus, all you’ll need to do is to receive money using the “Transfer” feature of the TNG eWallet from other TNG eWallet users. You will receive 10% bonus from the amount transferred. This campaign is only limited to the first 200,000 transfers.

Do note that this function is subject to a minimum transfer amount of RM1 and only the first 3 transfers from the sender will be entitled to the extra 10% bonus. Do note that each user is only entitled to receive a maximum bonus of RM5 from the campaign. This means if you receive two RM30 transactions, you will only get RM3 bonus for the first transaction and RM2 bonus for the second transfer.

According to the FAQ, the bonus will be rebated to your eWallet within 3 days after the transaction. You can’t cash out the rebate but you can use it to pay for tolls, QR code payment, pay for bills or even transfer to another Touch ‘n Go eWallet user.