You can get Free TNG RFID without car documents, check if you’re eligible

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 23 — It’s now easier to get a Touch ‘n Go RFID tag for your vehicle. Apart from opening more walk-in outlets that don’t require an appointment, you can now register without bringing the required car documents.

To check if you’re eligible to register without extra documentation, you need to check via Sureplify. Just enter your vehicle number, NRIC number and your mobile number that’s used for your car’s insurance policy.

If you can find your car on the Sureplify website, you may proceed to your nearest fitment centre to get your free RFID tag. Do note that if the car isn’t registered under your name, you will require an authorisation letter from the original owner. You can get the template form for both corporate and personal registered vehicles.

If your car details are not found on Sureplify, you can still register using your car documents. Just bring the original and copy of your NRIC, Driving Licence as well as a copy of your vehicle ownership certificate (Grant or Insurance cover note).