The New Way To Pay Tolls!

PayDirect™ allows you to pass through tolls as usual with your added Touch 'n Go Card(s), but toll fares will be deducted directly from your eWallet.

Say goodbye to "Tambah Nilai" lanes at tolls;
Zero reloading fees when you reload your eWallet;
Activate auto-reload to even avoid the hassle of reloading your eWallet manually

PayDirect™ at ALL Open-system Highways

Activate PayDirect™ In Just A Few Steps

Add TNG card into the
Touch 'n Go eWallet
to activate PayDirect™
Reload the Touch 'n Go eWallet
Tap the added TnG card or use SmartTAG with the added card at participating highways.

The toll fares will be automatically deducted from eWallet balance

If there is insufficient balance in your eWallet, the toll fares will be deducted from your 
physical Touch ‘n Go Card. 
If you encounter any issue with toll payment, please report here

 Reloading your Touch 'n Go Card via the eWallet is unavailable as the card is a
SmartCard with a MIFARE chip that only allows reloads through contact
with the card reader.

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