About us

Shaping the future of e-payments for Malaysians.


Uniting your payments

Imagine going out without a single RM note. The Touch ‘n Go e-wallet by TNG Digital is all about that. Touch ‘n Go has always been a part of your life right from the time when you got your first car. Now with e-wallet, we are taking you into the future where cash is an option. From transit to shopping, you can leave your wallet at home.


Changing the landscape
of e-payments

Connecting Malaysians to all aspects of urban mobility.

We are the RevolutionRevolutionising the way we do business so the lives of Malaysians can be made easier, quicker & more seamless.

We are the FutureSetting the stage for a digital future of efficient cashless transactions, rewarding not only you, but that of our business partners.

We are Digital and BeyondAlways innovating and seeking ways to make our e-wallet smarter so that lives can be more enjoyable.

We want to break transaction norms

We’re accelerating the future of the e-payment industry with a trusted, swift, and convenient platform for all lifestyle needs. Because we’re not one who just rides on trends.

We want to shape it, start it and steer it. We are enablers of a cashless society.

Uniting your payments.